The impacts of cyberhate as a creation idea of painting artworks


  • Arum Wilis Kartika Ayuningtari Institut Seni Indonesia Yogyakarta



Cyberhate impact, Painting artwork, Bullying


Concerns and anxiety about the rise of cyberhate cases are the backgrounds for creating this creation. Cyberhate is a very urgent phenomenon to be addressed immediately because the frequency of its emergence is increasingly spreading in line with the development of digital technology currently. This creation aimed to create representational-deformative paintings with ideas originating from the impact of the cyberhate phenomenon. The creation of this painting used a combination of two methods: practice-based research and practice-led research. The process of collecting data was obtained through literature study and document study. The result of this creation was in the form of three two-dimensional paintings that have symbolic meanings with acrylic on plywood media. These three artworks had the titles (1) Burdened, (2) Hate Comments, and (3) Your Words Killed me. This creation was helpful as a medium of criticism and education to the public related to the phenomenon or topic of cyberhate. This phenomenon deserves to be wary of and must be stopped immediately to avoid negative impacts that harm the victims.


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Arum Wilis Kartika Ayuningtari. 2022. “The Impacts of Cyberhate As a Creation Idea of Painting Artworks”. IICACS : International and Interdisciplinary Conference on Arts Creation and Studies 4 (1):67-75.