Focus and Scope


This publication is to present the results of research and the latest creative activities in the arts. The preferred article is the result of an international seminar presentation to promote collaboration between artists, researchers and other fields of scientists who pay attention to art.


IICACS focuses on art in general but is not limited to the perspective of art, but includes perspectives in other sciences, such as humanities, social, culture, applied technology in art, and religion. The material for discussion may cover a variety of art genres, i.e. performance art, visual art, craft, recording media, design, fashion, and advertising. Performing arts containing dance, theatre, puppetry, music, karawitan, ethnic music non-karawitan, and other performing arts. Visual art including painting, sculpture, graphic arts and intermedia. Craft includes wooden crafts, leather crafts, ceramic crafts, textile crafts, and metal crafts. The art of recording media includes film, photography, television, broadcasting, graphics and publishing. Discussions on design include interior design, landscape design, visual communication design, product design, and architecture.

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