Proceedings title International and Interdisciplinary Conference on Arts Creation and Studies 
Initials IICACS
Abbreviation Int. Interdiscip. Conf. Arts Creat. Stud.
Frequency Annualy
DOI prefix 10.33153
ISSN 2722-0826
Editor-in-chief Dr. Budi Setiyono
Publisher Pascasarjana Institut Seni Indonesia (ISI) Surakarta 

Indonesia Institute of the Art Surakarta held the Annual International and Interdisciplinary Conference on Arts Creation and Studies (IICACS) since 2016. The conference is focusing on, but not limited to, Arts in History, Culture, Philosophy, Education, and Heritage. The material for discussion may cover a variety of art genres, i.e. performance art, visual art, craft, recording media, design, fashion, and advertising. Performing arts containing dance, theatre, puppetry, music, karawitan, ethnic music non-karawitan, and other performing arts. Visual art including painting, sculpture, graphic arts and intermedia. Craft includes wooden crafts, leather crafts, ceramic crafts, textile crafts, and metal crafts. The art of recording media includes film, photography, television, broadcasting, graphics and publishing. Discussions on design include interior design, landscape design, visual communication design, product design, and architecture.

One of the primary arguments about the importance of holding this seminar is the following considerations. Recently, art studies have come to the attention not only among artists and scholars in art but also experts from other disciplines such as history, culture, philosophy, education, social sciences, and heritage. Many experts have tried to initiate cross-disciplinary approaches and methodologies, so they have produced rich information and findings. They have earnestly developed various approaches to position and interpret art in various aspects of human life. To build valid theories and methods, those in developing interdisciplinary, innovative thoughts and ideas need to share their knowledge and ideas with colleagues who are intensely concerned with the world of art creation and study. This interconnected and interdisciplinary international conference aims to provide an opportunity for artists, scholars, researchers, educators, writers, creators, and critics to present ideas through the presentation of papers, exhibitions of works of art and performances of performance art.

IICACS also encourages those in new fields of study such as the internet, multimedia and virtual activities to participate in this conference. The conference will bring together scholars and artists to share their understanding, to build a new body of knowledge, and to renew old acquaintances, make new contacts, and create or build professional networks for developing their perspectives in designing future activities. This conference serves as a means to reconsider existing methodologies because the use of new approaches is a necessity in a new world that always demands an adaptive attitude. Nevertheless, how can artists and scholars in the fields mentioned above develop strategies to achieve their goals? This conference is an attempt to explore what they have thought and achieved in their field of study.


Current Issue

Vol. 4 (2022)
Published: 2022-11-30


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