Economic Impact Of Arts Workers During The Covid-19 Plague


Covid-19, mimicry, performance, dance


Covid-19 is one of the biggest plague disasters in 2020 that hit the whole world, and Indonesia is one of the countries affected by Covid-19. The impact of covid-19 is the implementation of PSBB or social distancing, limiting large events such as weddings, gatherings, busking, opening ceremonies, and closing ceremonies. The implementation of the PSBB had a significant impact on the income of band players and dancers who got the most passive income from large and small events. To bridge the GAP, researchers are interested in finding out how the band players and dancers are still earning even though it is not as big as it was before the pandemic. This study used observation and interviews and confirmed using the mimicry theory. This study indicates that band players and dancers must have side jobs or regular jobs outside of big and small events. So that when a pandemic or disaster occurs, it does not make the band players and dancers lose their opinion directly.


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