Postphenomenology of FRP Material on Grand Banks Yachts Production Ship Design


  • Indra Gunara Rochyat Universitas Esa Unggul
  • Firdaus Noor Universitas Pembangunan Nasional Veteran Jakarta


postphenomenology, FRP, Grand Banks Yachts, , design, posthuman


The use of Fiberglass Reinforcement Plastic (FRP) as the basic material for forming ships does not necessarily change the appearance of the fishing yacht design produced by Grand Banks Yachts (GBY), which has been famous for a long time with its classic style. The phenomenon of GBY product models with classic characteristics is interpreted as beautiful by special users with all their interpretations of beauty, thus attracting a lot of interest. The research problem in disclosing the concept of design sustainability through GBY's FRP technology is interesting to examine with the structuralist functionalism paradigm, where FRP elements have characteristics and properties that can facilitate and even replace the role of humans in their use. The case study method used in this study explains that the FRP material on the GBY vessel can be interpreted as a social phenomenon in a posthumanist context, assisted by Don Ihde's post-phenomenological theory, which dissects the relationship between humans versus this technology. Explain the research results in the form of individual and collective interpretations as an aesthetic expression of a GBY product concept which is a posthumanist phenomenon. The research objective as the end result is to find a posthumanist concept in FRP material technology in aesthetic interpretations of GBY products.


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Gunara Rochyat, Indra, and Firdaus Noor. 2021. “Postphenomenology of FRP Material on Grand Banks Yachts Production Ship Design”. IICACS : International and Interdisciplinary Conference on Arts Creation and Studies 2 (1):71-82.