Visualization 3D Mosaik Picture Formation


  • Firdaus Noor Universitas Pembangunan Nasional Veteran Jakarta



Mosaik, 3D Formation, Aerial Cinematography, Visualization


This study aims to reveal and explore the visualization of the formation of Mosaic 3D Formation of 2,957 new students at UPN Veteran Jakarta. Visualization through the concept of Aerial Cinematography is expected to be an aesthetic enhancer in mosaic works. This mosaic is a work of art made of elements and arranged so that it becomes a 3-dimensional image or design. This research was designed as an experimental study which focused on two parts. First, try out the composition of the picture elements to form a unity that is in harmony with the overall formation movement. The second trial focused on visual exploration, which originated from the concept of aerial cinematography. The resulting mosaic visualization consists of three images with the writing of Patribera 2019, Kampus Bela Negara and PIKIR work culture logo with super high angles and long distances or called birds point of view.



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Firdaus Noor. 2020. “Visualization 3D Mosaik Picture Formation”. IICACS : International and Interdisciplinary Conference on Arts Creation and Studies 1 (1):14-24.